Hi, I'm Lucy! Hunter Hart is a beauty, personal style, home decor and travel blog I started in 2010. I've recently revamped the blog, and I'm really loving the new look and feel! Here's 5 facts about me:

  1. We got married last year and planned our North Carolina wedding from Australia (it was crazy difficult - but totally worth it!).
  2. I love making things and trying new things.
  3. I love beautiful smelling candles and bath products, they make me feel so pampered. 
  4. I love to travel, we are moving o/s read more about that here
  5. I love my little family, my amazing Husband and our sweet dog Dixie.

The Best Day


  1. I love this! I planned a wedding in Puerto Rico from California, so I totally feel you. <3

    1. Its great to see it all come together though! We honeymooned in PR, I loved it! What a gorgeous place x