Mini Waredrobe Update

I've been needing a few new pieces lately and I've found some great things that I wanted to share!

The items are from a few shopping trips over the last month and I've worn everything except the cover up which I'll be wearing this weekend when we visit the NC Outer Banks!

Best part  - everything is ON SALE!!!

La Blanca coverup from Nordstrom - ON SALE!
Can't wait to wear this! NC Outer Banks here we come!

LOFT cami - ON SALE!
I'm in love with this leaf print! The top is lined so not clingy which is a plus! Good for taller girls because its long!

There is also an amazing jumpsuit version in this print!

Scallops! Need I say more! There's also some scallop details on the back which gives it a bit of a western vibe - to me at least :)

This dress is so comfortable and so flattering. I wore it to a 4th of July party yesterday. It has pockets, it's lined and it's my current favorite dress! It says 'dry clean' on the care tag but I put it in a cold wash by itself then air dried and it came out fine :)

Counting down to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! It's going to be awesome this year!

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