Weekend Wrap Up!

This weekend was a good one. On Saturday morning we stopped by a yard sale / craft fair / bake sale fundraiser and found some great little treasures. One of the best finds was this framed stitch work. I love that movie! And on a bad day, Jon has been known to say this to me a time or two.

The other was some pecan brittle, honestly I'm not sure why anyone even bothers with peanuts.

In the afternoon we started the great house hunt of 2017! We're currently renting while we get a better idea of what areas we like and what we are looking for in a house, that being said, please ignore the renters beige paint from the photos in this post. We're starting to get better at narrowing down the areas and home attributes that we're looking for. I'm currently thinking a split level.. Is that crazy? I just love how connected and separate the floor plans are. Plus the time period seems to lend itself to more established neighborhoods with larger lots and more generous rooms. We'll see how that evolves over the next few months.

Sunday - we slept in! And it was glorious! I absolutely love a relaxed Sunday morning. Nothing beats it. We're still getting the apartment together and we shopped a little then completed this little desk space. I'm kind of loving it. It was dead space before today. Just a place to dump our things when we walked in the door. Now it has purpose and function!

The desk and lamp and new, everything else it old and probably from Target or Michael's. I still think I need a different chair. But this one is so comfy that it might take a while for me to get around to that.

Hope you had an awesome weekend! Lucy x

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