Moving from Phoenix to Raleigh

We’ve moved! A few weeks ago we drove from Phoenix to our new home – Raleigh, North Carolina! I felt that this massive journey deserved its own post. It took us somewhere between 35-40 hours, over 6 days. We took I-40 the whole way! Our itinerary looked something like this –

Day 1
Phoenix, AZ to Gallup, NM

Day 2
Gallup, NM to Oklahoma City, OK

Day 3
Oklahoma City, OK to Nashville,TN

Day 4
Hanging out in Nashville!

Day 5
Nashville, TN to Asheville, NC

Day 6
Asheville, NC to Raleigh, NC

Before we left we were a little starry eyed about our ‘once in a lifetime’ trip. By the end we were really happy that we only have to do that once! We tried to strike a balance between getting to our destination and enjoying the journey. Whilst the first few days of travel were pretty intense we slowed the pace dramatically towards the end. We had a couple of nights in Nashville and a part of a day and a night in Asheville which was so nice. It was our first time in Nashville and it was a really good time! What a cool city! I’m addicted to Five Daughters Bakery... and am seriously considering attempting a cronut recipe…

Learning the ropes in a new city is always challenging but Raleigh has been great so far. There’s definitely a great sense of community and so much to do! And let’s be real, we don’t have to do summer in Phoenix this year!!

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