Holy Guacamole!

A few weeks ago Jon and I visited the Barrio Cafe here in Phoenix. It's a local staple and if you're in town you need to make the effort to get there. We ordered some guacamole and it was unbelievably good. I have always been a purist when it comes to guac - I'm satisfied with avocado, either lime or lemon and some salt and pepper. But the guac at the Barrio Cafe may have changed my mind on this!

I've recreated the recipe here for you to enjoy! It's honestly amazing - try it!

Disclaimer - I'm not a food stylist/photographer!

In addition to the ingredients listed above you'll need some salt, pepper and garlic powder if you like that!

1. Scrape the avocado from the shell using a fork - this means you don't have to 'mash' the guacamole!
2. Squeeze 1 and 1/2 limes limes over the avocado
4. Remove the seeds from the tomato and dice. Dice the red onion (semi-finely)
5. Add some salt and pepper to taste (and garlic powder if you like that!)
6. Add the pomegranate seeds, tomato and red onion, stir gently
7. Garnish with the remain 1/2 lime and enjoy!

If you don't love red onion or are looking to kick the flavor up even more, sub or add some cilantro!

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