Five on Friday! Picnics, DIY Day Dreaming & Lipsmackers

ONE. Reading Lately.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
I personally found this book to be a little slow, and its hard to even explain what it's about. It is really well written though, when I was reading it the circus was definitely alive :)

Where'd You Go Berndette Maria Semple
This was a fun book to read, light and entertaining, definitely worth your time!

The Husband's Secret Liane Moriarty

I'm still reading this one, about 200 pages to go! But I'm really enjoying plus it's set in Sydney Australia - so that's been awesome for me!

TWO. Reusable K Cups.

Did you know that the guy who invented the k-cup feels kinda bad about inventing them? Mind.blown.

It's a special kind of plastic that isn't able to be recycled. There are enough discarded k-cups in the world to wrap around the earth 10 times.

OK. It's not all doom and gloom and you don't need to throw away your Kuerig so that you can sleep at night. Enter the Reusable K-Cup. 

We got these ones on Amazon - be warned different reusable cups seem to fit different Kuerig's (learned that the hard way!) - we just used the 'Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought' section to match our Kuerig to the right K-Cup. 

These reusable k-cups are amazing because they are cheaper for you and better for the environment! WIN!

THREE. Picnics.

Jon and I have been doing a lot of picnics lately, it's a nice way to be outside, relax and have something healthier and cheaper to eat. I'm still perfecting my picnic packing technique and would love any tips!

FOUR. DIY Day Dreaming.

I mentioned here that we got the IKEA Malm drawers because I had seen some great DIY's that I wanted to do with them. Here's some of the inspiration that I'm working with!

Follow Lucy Brady's board Ikea Malm Dressers on Pinterest.

FIVE. Lipsmackers.

Two questions?!?

  • Do Lipsmackers Still Exist?
  • Am I Too Old For Them?
I haven't thought about lipsmackers is what seems like a million years. There was however a point in my life that lipsmackers were pretty important. Those crazy 'flavors' (scents?), finding your favorite ones, sharing them with your friends (thinking back this is pretty bad hygiene). Now that I've remember this long lost tween obsession, I kind of want one (many). Is my mid-late 20s self now too old???

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  1. It's not quite picnic season here yet, but that basket you showed a picture of is too cute! Happy Friday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    1. Thanks Biana! Hope that the weather gets a little warmer up there! Lucy x

  2. I just downloaded "Where'd You Go Bernadettte?" and am so excited to read it! And I will have to look into reusable K-cups for sure! Also you are DEFINITELY not too old at all for Lipsmackers!

    1. Hey Laura! Enjoy 'Where'd You Go Bernadette?' it's a good one! My husband read it too and really enjoyed it :) Also thanks for the permission on the lipsmackers lol Lucy x

  3. Do you love The Husband's Secret? I did!

  4. Yeah I'm loving it! I grew about about an hour from where the book is set so really relatable. Lucy x

  5. The Husband's secret sounds like a good read. Today is a perfect day for a picnic.

    Happy Saturday, Lucy :)