Easter Leftovers

So another month zooms by! Hello April! I'm feeling happy that I made it through yesterday prank free! It feels so good. 

Waste is something that we have struggled with but we are getting better. One of my favorite recipe books that has helped us reduce waste and save money is Jamie Oliver's Save with Jamie. One of the concepts in the book is that on Sunday, when most people have a bit more time to cook, you cook a larger dinner, Jamie calls this the Mothership meal. The Mothership meal might be a roast chicken or roast pork etc, then through the week you reinvent that leftover meat into other meals. One of my favorites was taking leftover beef brisket and turning it into Korean stir fried rice - honestly so good - I like extra sriracha on mine. It's a great way of using what you have and not getting bored by eating the same meal over and over again.

I decided to preempt the inevitable for some of us and post some ideas about what to do with your Easter Leftovers. Jon and I bought our Easter Ham yesterday and instantly started brainstorming what we could do with the leftovers. The smallest ham we could find was a whopping 8.24lbs or nearly 4kgs - which for two people and one meal is a bit ambitious.

Easter Ham Leftovers

Easter Egg Leftovers
*this is unlikely to occur in our household ;)

If you feel like some last minute Easter Crafting don't forget to check out my super easy Easter Bunny Bunting


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