DIY Lamp Makeover!

Over the weekend I found some amazing lamps at Goodwill just begging to have new life breathed into them. Here's the before and after shot!

The Goodwill we went to was having a 50% off sale (I didn't even know this happened) so the lamps ended up costing about $6.50 each. 

All the stars seemed to be aligning as I had seen these lamp shades at Target a few days earlier, fell in love, and had absolutely no use for them...

More lamp shades I <3 Lamp 1 | Lamp 2 | Lamp 3

When Jon was first getting some furniture for our apartment, the path of least resistance was a little lamp from IKEA. Our little IKEA lamp has been serving us well for the last couple of months. I had seen some surprisingly simple, cheap and amazing lamp makeovers on Pinterest and knew I wanted to give it a go! Here's some progress photos and the results! I used  Rustoleum 2x Ultra Cover Paint + Primer in the color Granite with the Satin finish. I'm going through a bit of a white/grey/gold (lengthy...) phase. The lamps I bought at Goodwill were touch lamps - happy to report that after some spray paint they are still touch lamps!

I taped up the top of the lamps, using masking tape, where I didn't want to get any spray paint

I made sure the area I was working was well ventilated and picked up a plastic drop sheet from home depot

Literally waiting for paint to dry! This is the hardest part of the DIY!

Drum roll please!

Really happy with how this turned out!

Next order of business our somewhat sad side tables! We got the IKEA Malm bed side tables because there a million amazing hacks that I'm excited to try!

Lucy x


  1. Ooo, the lamp shades are so glamorous, and I love the grey finish for the lamp stand.

    Happy Thursday :)

  2. Oh my gosh - they came out amazing!! Looks awesome! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston