Relocating a pet - our experience

So I posted a while back that Jon and I were embarking on an overseas move, now for us, that meant the whole family - including our dog - would be moving. I think the choice on whether to take your pet with you or not is a completely personal one. I really have to stress that this is not intended to be a guide on what to do or what not to do, this is just our experience :)

Two things to consider - 

a) If its even possible in your situation - its a costly process, and some countries are very strict on what dogs and even breeds they will allow in
b) What is going to be best for your dog - will your lifestyle be changing in a way that will negative impact yours dogs lifestyle?

So for us the answers were -

a) It was possible to move our dog from Australia to the US. The cost ended up being about $3000, including flights, various checks and paperwork, and some top up vaccinations and a little pre-flight pampering
b) Dixie is only 2 years old, so she's young and healthy, we were confident that she would handle the flight and with some help adjust to apartment living.

Some things we did that really made the process a bit more streamlined-

  • We used a professional pet transportation company, Dogtainers. This was pretty essential, they took care of all of the associated paperwork for us, they even picked her up from our home in Australia and drove her to the airport.

  • After the first few days of Dixie arriving we took her to a training camp, so she could learn some new skills that would help her with adjusting to living in an apartment with us - namely - crate training. We took Dixie to Partners Dog Training and are still attending weekly sessions to help reinforce the new behaviors she is learning. We are really happy with her progress so far, and are incredibly impressed by the staffs professionalism and commitment to helping us.


Lucy x

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