Our Weekend

Happy Valentines! Hope you had a fantastic Valentines weekend filled with love and chocolate. My Valentines started off a little early when Jon bought home some gorgeous flowers on Friday evening, it was such a surprise as we'd agreed not to get each other anything, lucky I had bought him a card earlier that day :) 

Friday night I stopped in at Lululemon for a new sports bra, I love everything in that store. The tank tops are so soft and lovely.

On Saturday morning we took Dixie to her obedience class, it seems like she is becoming more and more challenging. She knows all of the commands but as our trainer said 'She still thinks she has options'. So we tell her to do something and she understands but just doesn't want to do it. But when I think back to where she started its easy to see she has come a long way.. Baby steps :)

On Saturday night we ordered pizza, watched hulu and had an early night which was fantastic for both of us.

On Sunday morning the great hunt for a new church began. We went to a contemporary service only a few minutes drive from us. We both really enjoyed it, I liked the relaxed informal atmosphere. Next time we are going to try one of their traditional services.

After church we headed to Cold Beers and Cheeseburgers for lunch, the food was good but there was some mix up with our order so we had to wait a really really long time but because of the wait they gave us our sodas for free. Yay!

After lunch we did a little bit of shopping, I got this top from TJ Maxx, it's got a gold zipper down the back, I really love the light blue color. 

And we also got a new crock-pot from Target, this one was on sale for $15.99. I love the size of this one, 4.5 quart, our old one was really big and bulky. The kitchen is slowly but surely coming together!

Sunday night finished up with a FaceTime session with my family :)

Have a wonderful week!

Lucy x

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