Gift Card Shopping @ Crate & Barrel

For Christmas this year Jon's sister was super generous and gave us a gift voucher for Crate & Barrel. I thought I would share the completely awesome things we picked up! Keep in mind we are furnishing an entire apartment from scratch! Seriously a daunting task but the shopping part is so fun!

Station Highball Glasses - these are on clearance! Love the shape, it's a subtle angle that gives the glassware a modern geometric feel, definitely recommend these! We got 12, 6 to use now and then replacements for when/if they break.

Zuma Blue Tray - (I could only find the black online) we needed a tray to place on our ottoman in lieu of a coffee table, this one is absolutely huge, great for breakfast in bed, maybe for valentines day?

Daphne Blue Mug - Love this mug, comes in yellow as well, might need to get that one also, only complaint is that the Keurig only half fills it.. Coffee portion control might not be such a bad thing though...

Bree Mug - Jon and I each picked a mug, mine's the Daphne, his is the Bree, might have to borrow this one though! Classic cozy shape

World's Greatest Potato Masher - it's a big claim, but I'm willing try give it a try! The things you realize you don't have..

Small Metal Handled Whisk - likewise for the whisk, this little baby is highly recommended though

Dual Citrus Squeezer - this is just a teensy bit genius, we used to have a lime squeezer and a lemon squeezer but to have a dual citrus squeezer mind.blown.

bkr Heart Water Bottle - I'm not sure if it was valentines day in the air or the serious dry heat warmth here in AZ (in February!) but I just had to have this water bottle. 

Blue Grid Dish Towel - well there's a first for everything, and yes today, is the first time that I have blogged about a dish towel. This one is super soft, super classic and only $4.95!

Station Highball Glass

bkr Heart Water Bottle

Oh and one last honorable mention! Nearly forgot this guy, Spirelli Spiral Slicer, no idea if this works well, I'll report back later!

Lucy x

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