New Year, New Hair?

So I've been thinking for a while now, probably about a year, that I would like to try a new hairstyle. I've been playing with this hair style simulator, I love technology, here are some ideas... The photo I've used is not directly front on so it skews the hairstyles a bit, but it definitely helps get an idea!

Taylor Swifts Lob!

I'm not sure who's hair this is.. Is it weird to 'wear' someones hair that you don't know? no weirder than human hair extensions.. so a bit weird

Another T Swizzle do, I used to always have bangs as a kid, takes me back! This colors not great on me, a little drab with my skin tone

So awesome that you can try on hair styles with the click of a mouse! My hair is about half way down my back down so cutting it to my shoulders would be a big change. 

Lucy x

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