Goodbye 2014! Hello 2015!

2014 is the first year that I have blogged on a more 'regular' basis. One reason that I love blogging is the ability to look back on special memories that I may have otherwise forgotten, I honestly have the worst memory.

So here's a recap of 2014 (prepare for photo overload!)

 It seems natural that I would start with food, right? I am actually going to go chronologically through this and this is the only photo I can get my hands on of a trip Jon and I took with his brother Matt. We went to Canberra and found probably the best BBQ in this hemisphere. Smoque, Canberra

I got some craft time leading up to Easter and made this super easy no stitch Easter Bunny Bunting, pulled out an Easter Wreath that I had made the year before and we took Dixie to the beach.

We spent the days leading up to our wedding in Asheville, NC. We stayed in this perfect log cabin, celebrated my Nans birthday and went a little crazy with pre-wedding errands

Amazing dessert table by Ruth & Ranshaw, it looked incredible but more importantly everything was absolutely delish!

We had our wedding! After months (and months!) of planning we had our dream wedding! Surrounded by our wonderful family and friends

I would not change a thing! Such a perfect day :) Please excuse crazy dancing at the end of this video, they started playing 'Land Down Under' by Men at work - couldn't even stop myself :)

We honeymooned in Puerto Rico, it was such a lovely place, lots to do, great food and pretty amazing company too! If anyone ever offers you a guava mojito - take it - they are the best!

We went to New Zealand for a little break, it was honestly the most fun 4-ish days I could imagine. Really beautiful place, we would definitely go back.

Some peonies to help me study! As I went back to Uni to start my Masters!

The sweetest puppy I know helped make 2014 one to remember! I love my little family!

Congratulations! You made it to the end of this post! Seriously a lot of photos, but its a whole years worth, so please forgive me! 2014 was amazing and to be honest, I am just as excited about 2015!

Lucy x

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