Our Weekend!

Its only a few more sleeps til Christmas. This weekend was so busy in the best way! I am nearly finished all of our Christmas shopping and have most of the presents wrapped. 

This is a bit random but I did most of the wrapping on our ironing board, it worked out really well. The paper overhangs so its easier to cut and you can adjust the height to whatever is most comfortable, I liked standing up. It was my makeshift wrapping station :)

One of my highlights of the weekend were these new shoes, say what you will, I love them! A nice sturdy strap ;)

The gold will make them perfect for Christmas day, remember, it's summer here! And they are super comfy. They are available in size 6-11, and are leather on leather. I have essie's Bordeaux on my toes at the moment, so together with these sandals I am in the spirit!

I felt a little inspired on Saturday morning so I made this smoked trout and pea scrambled eggs! It ended up being really yummy.

Jon moved into our new apartment this weekend, he had some furniture delivered Saturday morning so it is looking a little less bare!

coffee = completely essential!

Jon found vegemite for me! Whilst I wouldn't eat it every day it will be nice to have some on hand for a little bit of toast and a cup of tea.

My black and white Nike Free's are just about dead, I've been wearing them pretty regularly for a couple of years now. They are the best joggers I've ever owned, super comfy and light weight. So comfy that I bought my Nan a pair, she looks adorable in them too by the way. Anyway, I saw these ones a while ago and Jon ordered them for me, they arrived late last week- early Christmas present!

Dixie's Christmas outfits are in full swing, I'm not sure how we've ended up with so many. And yes I agree it is a bit weird that I like to dress my dog as santa, or an elf or a reindeer. But, to be honest, I think she likes an outfit. This one is cute, we were at my Nans for dinner and all the dogs were dressed the same-

I also took some maternity photos last night for my sister and her partner, the photos look so good! I'm just glad they all weren't out of focus, my photography skills do seem to be getting better. I'm going to become an Aunty any day now!

Merry Christmas!

Lucy x

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