Travel Tuesday: New Zealand Mini Break

A couple of months ago we were lucky enough to enjoy a mini break (five days) in New Zealand. Now I'm completely guilty of saying things about New Zealand like, 'It's just like Australia' and 'I'll go there one day... when I'm older'. I have to say I feel a little tricked by New Zealand. I had always had this impression of it being kind of boring. Turns out I was so wrong. 

We got great flights with Jetstar from Sydney to Christchurch return for $200 each and hired a Toyota Highlander for about $190. The flight from Sydney to Christchurch is only about 3 hours. There is also a 3 hours time difference which messed me up more then I thought it would! We visited three places, Methven, Kiakoura and Hamner Springs. Here are the highlights from each place!

Methven (about 1.5 hours from Christchurch)
This was our first stop. It's a quiet little town at the base of Mount Hutt. We went to Methven specifically to get our snow and skiing fix! We drove up Mount Hutt, which is about 2km or 7000ft, needless to say the view from the top was amazing! We did some skiing then took a little drive on the Inland Scenic Route until we got to Rakaia River. We stopped by the river and had a little walk. It was incredibly beautiful. We drove back in Methven and ran into about 1000 sheep being moved from one paddock to another, so funny, only in NZ!

view from (nearly) the top of Mt Hutt

Jon driving us up Mt Hutt

I hit the (bunny) slopes, so much fun!

Driving the inland scenic route

Kiakoura (about 2.5 hours from Christchurch)
We stayed at the Kiakoura Boutique Hotel. I think we picked this one well. The rooms were really nice and the beds were super comfortable, it's also directly across from the water. Here are some photos-

While we were checking in the Hotel Owner let us know that there were some baby seals on shore about 2 minutes drive away, I could not get in the car quick enough to go and find them!

We found these two guys just hanging out, so cute

seriously though?! look at that face!

We had a delicious crayfish dinner that night at the Pier Hotel

Also the Reserve Hutt in the main street did a fantastic breakfast and great coffee.

Hamner Springs (about 2 hours from Christchurch)
We were only in Hamner Springs for one day, our last day. Hamner Springs is the perfect little mountain town, I felt like I was on the set of a movie, it was just so picturesque. We were a bit sore from skiing on Mount Hutt so a soak in the Private Thermal Pool was just what the doctor ordered! We left Hamner feeling so relaxed and rejuvenated.

Whilst we were really on the move this was an amazing little break! The perfect combination of outdoor fun and relaxation. I'll definitely be heading back to New Zealand sometime soon!

definitely thought those white things were clouds... 

attempted car park selfie? this is what happens when your husband is tall...

got there in the end!

Lucy x

Travel Tuesday


  1. This is my kind of vacation!! Tall hubby selfies included :) :)

  2. Brilliant post Lucy! Glad you enjoyed New Zealand - I think the Southern Alps from Kaikoura with a dusting of snow always look breathtaking! I hope you get to have more adventures in New Zealand - Queenstown would be perfect for you if you're a snow bunny xx