Looking Back & Looking Forward!

You know when things just start working out in that 'meant-to-be' way. That's been happening around here lately. At work I have pictures on my wall behind my desk, they are a mixture of photos I've taken on various trips, photos of my friends and family and photos from our wedding. I change the pictures up pretty regularly just so I have something new to look at (instead of completely riveting cream office walls!), they are also a good talking point with colleagues. Only a couple of photos have lasted up on my wall at my desk that I look at everyday, these are photos from a trip I took in college.

This is one of the photos that lasted

It's a picture I took on a hike in Tucson, Arizona nearly 5 years ago. I've looked at this picture, right next to a picture of my grandparents dancing at my wedding, everyday for nearly 4 years. I think it's a nice picture but I'm not sure how or why I didn't swap it out for another nice picture at some stage.

So getting back to that 'meant-to-be' concept, one evening, a few months ago, Jon decided to apply for a job he found online, the job seemed perfectly tailored to his skill set so he applied for it and then forgot about it. Long story short the job Jon applied for, and I'm excited to say, got, is in Arizona. So we are moving from our little house on the east coast of Australia all the way to AZ. That's 12540 km or to jump on the imperial bandwagon - 7792 miles.   

The transition over the next few months is not going to be easy! But what an amazing adventure! I'm so excited to explore a new place and meet new people. I really loved Arizona when I was there a few years ago, I was completely shocked by how beautiful a desert could be. Before that trip I always thought the desert would be kind of barren but that certainly was not my experience.

Jon leaves in about a week, then I'll be sending our puppy Dixie just prior to Christmas and then I'll be heading over early in the new year. All up Jon and I will be apart for nearly two months, including Christmas. I really hate that we are aren't going to be together for that long but I'll keep my chin up! There will be plenty to occupy my mind with in those two months. My little sister is having a baby boy which is a big part of the reason that I'm staying behind for a couple of months.

I was doing a bit of reminiscing about my last trip to AZ and wondering what my next adventure there will look like. Here are some photos from last time-

Lucy x


  1. Hi Lucy! I just discovered your blog because Lisa (www.lisalovesjohn.com) sent it to me. She and I are both bloggers in Phoenix and love finding other Phoenix bloggers. If you need any help with anything in Arizona feel free to reach out to me! I've lived here (Phoenix & Tucson) for most of my life. =)