Home Improvements - Going from Carpet to Polished Cypress Pine Floorboards

As I mentioned here, we are on the move! But, before we move, we are doing some upgrades around our house to make it a better fit to rent out. Earlier this week we tore up the carpet and linoleum in the living, dining, hallway and kitchen to expose the cypress pine floorboards underneath. This is something we have wanted to do for the last couple of years, it completely opens up the space and makes it feel fresher, cleaner and more modern. We had a company come and do all of the floor polishing for us, it only took two guys one day and we are really happy with the results. Having a consistent style of floor in all of these space really makes everything look and feel more connected.

Here are some photos of the results, don't mind the walls - they are next on our to do list!

I really love all of the character in the grain and knots of the wood - Dixie is a great model! This is the kitchen floor

This is the dining area - please don't mind the walls! They are currently getting some work done

Our only regret is that we didn't do this sooner. Neither Jon or I are particularly handy which can feel really restricting when you are young, first time home owners. I'm really glad we've jumped this hurdle, it will help us to feel more confident in our decisions in the future :)

Lucy x