Style Inspiration: Tea Leoni in Madame Secretary

Work wear can be tricky. Lets face it - we have all, at one time or another, completely missed the office appropriate mark. I get work style inspiration from many sources my favourites are-

  • This (life changing) blog, The Classy Cubicle
  • This everywoman blog, Veronika's Blushing
  • A lot of times I'm inspired by TV shows, I love Kerry Washington's (Olivia Pope's) outfits on Scandal and now I have a new favorite to add to the list! Tea Leoni (Elizabeth McCord) on Madame Secretary
  • And let's not forget Pinterest!
The reason I'm loving Tea Leoni's outfits is because they strike the perfect balance between feminine and powerful. I hate being at work in a outfit where I'm looking like a 1950s housewife. I want to look competent, strong, and feminine all at the same time.

So here are a couple of outfits inspired by Episode 2 of Madame Secretary-

From this outfit I loved the 3/4 sleeve jacket it just made everything look more modern, I also loved the really subtle turtle neck

My standout loves from this outfit are the white shirt with the oversized collar (elegance in a shirt), and the (perfect shade of) blue sweater 

I'm also loving Tea's glasses, I've picked two Stella McCartney pairs for these outfits but I don't think they are the ones she wears.

For more on Tea's glasses check out this post

Lucy x

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