L'Oreal Paris : Nude Magique Anti Redness CC Cream

My go to makeup products are getting to the stage where they are basically written in stone. I have spent years curating all of the things that work best for me. That being said, it's been a really long time since I have done a beauty review. I recently purchased L'Oreal Paris : Nude Magique Anti Redness CC Cream, I had tried it quickly in the shop and was initially really impressed.

I was so excited to get home, take off the makeup I was wearing and give this a go. 

At first I tried applying it with a slight damp beauty blender, it did not work well. I end up just using my fingers.

The CC cream itself is green, with tiny little dark brown spots in it. The green to cancel out redness and the brown to blend with skin tone (I'm guessing).

When you start moving the cream around it nearly instantly goes a light brown/skin tone color.

As you can see from this picture its kind of dark and orange.

Final verdict - This was way to dark and orange for my skin. My skin tone is really fair so it may still work for some. It was over $20 for a pretty small tube and because it didn't work for me not great value.

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