Travel Tuesday - Puerto Rican Honeymoon! Part 1

So I'm kind of slow in getting to all of these travel posts! We got back from our honeymoon a few months ago, we went to lovely Puerto Rico. We live in Australia, got married in North Carolina and we were originally thinking Paris for our honeymoon but we were trying to get back to the states for another wedding about two weeks after our own so Jon had the great idea to visit Puerto Rico. Another reason for ditching Paris and opting for PR is that when we visit Europe together we want to go and travel around for a about 3 months.

The streets of Old San Juan

Puerto Rico definitely did not disappoint. This is the first time I've traveled for the purpose of relaxation. Our only commitments each day where swimming in the ocean and finding some delicious local food to eat. Pretty great commitments to have.

We stayed at La Concha which ended up being a really good choice the hotel is lovely. The foyer is really open and tropical feeling, the beach area is nice and clean, there are lots of pools, a nice gym. We did have a small problem with our room, there was a weird ticking noise coming from a closest that was locked, they sent maintenance up but were unable to fix it so we got moved to another room which was equally as nice. Here's some picture of room number two-




The stunning view.. take me back..

Don Q, Cranberry and Lime Cocktails on our verandah

getting ready for one of our daily commitments, the beach

That's it for where we stayed. I've posted about our cooking class with a Taste of San Juan, here. And will be doing another post about some great things to do in PR next week!

Lucy x

Travel Tuesday


  1. What an amazing view you had from your hotel! Gorgeous!

  2. What a beautiful country for a honeymoon! I've always wanted to visit Puerto Rico and that view definitely just moved it higher up my list of places to see.

  3. What great commitments for a honeymoon :) I've heard great things about Puerto Rico!!