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It cold here in Australia- winter time- and when I say cold I probably only mean slightly cool. I've been getting more into instagram of late, slow on the up take I know. I've noticed that I may have developed EUOWF (Excessive Use of Warm Filters..) but it might be in response to feeling the cold! Anyway here's what we've been up to lately...

Last Saturday Jon and I decided we want a really easy dinner and a movie, so we bought some of our favourite cheeses and hey presto dinner was made in minutes..

On Sunday we went to IKEA, its been a while and since I'm starting my masters I decided I needed a new desk. See my office inspiration here. I ended up getting this desk with these legs. I love that you can mix and match! It ended up being under $150 and I love the simple clean lines. I put the desk together on Sunday night, next thing I need is a really comfy but cute chair! We also picked up a new quilt cover/pillowcase set, IKEA normally has one or two at a really great price (between $15-$30 for a queen, absolute steal!). We got this pattern and while I wasn't instantly in love it's definitely growing on me, its got this really wintery/cottage feel. It's actually more red then it look it the picture so I think it would be really cute for Christmas time. I am basically just a Nana at heart...

Next up I've been overhauling my base makeup (so foundations, concealers, primers, moisturisers) lately. I'm so picky, I really don't like wearing makeup, so if I'm going to have to wear it I want to feel like I'm not (no idea if that makes sense to anyone else?!?). I hate that heavy/cakey/irritating feeling...

I've been wearing this for years, but I think it can look a little oily. 

So I thought I'd try a powder foundation and went with this MAC one in super pale NW15. I'm not in love.. but I'm working on it. It comes with a sponge but I've been applying it with my MAC 187, it gives nice light coverage.

Something I am in love with though is this under eye concealer, hence the insta-love. Hate to sound pushy but if you haven't tried it you probably should. I got it in 110 fair and its so brightening. Yay for looking awake when I arrive at work!

I've also been loving winter snuggles with our sweet dog! Love her so much!

Lucy x

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