Our weekend

This past weekend was one of those rare times that we had nothing planned and it felt great! On Saturday I went shopping for some new work shoes and found theseI am in love! I got the black but I think I need them in the leopard print as well! They are such good quality and at $79.95 a good price too!

Jon and I then decided we would have some seafood for dinner, Jon wanted calabash style shrimp and I wanted something that my dad made called 'Mermaids Delight' when my sister and I were young, basically a mixture of fried, breaded and grilled seafood. I think we were craving this kind of food because of the weather, it just felt like a sunny but not too hot North Carolina day. This is the first time we had attempted to deep fry seafood, Jon loves the deep fryer and I kind of hate it! Anyway dinner turned out to be soo good!

On Saturday afternoon we found the coolest walking trail by our house. I can't believe we have lived here for nearly two years and have only just found this! It not really that long probably only about 2kms but it's so cool and peaceful and such a nice alternative to walking Dixie around the street.

On Sunday we I slept in, the weather wasn't quite as nice. Jon got up super early to smoke some pork and to try smoking a lamb shoulder. After the meat had been smoked for a few hours Jon put it in the oven to finish cooking. 

In the afternoon we went to Bunnings to pick some new paint colors for our hallway, living room and bedroom. I'm thinking white in the hallway and living room and light grey in the bedroom. Super adventurous, no? 

When we came home we went for another walk on our newly discovered trail and then I made some mac and cheese and green beans, we took dinner around to my grandparents house that night.

All in all a pretty lovely and relaxed weekend! Sorry no pictures in this post, I've fallen off the Instagram bandwagon already :)

Lucy x

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