4 Ways to Wear Daisy Prints

I am not 17 and that means that I don't have to jump aboard every new trend. I had a feeling that daisy's could look cute and age appropriate, I'm in my mid 20's and am conscious of holding onto looks that are probably best left to teens. I just felt that daisy prints could end up looking like a bad mix of 90's flower power. I wanted to figured out a way to wear Daisy's in an 'I would actually wear this in real life' way.  

Something I like to do when evaluating whether I can make a trend work for me is break down the general colors. So for Daisy's that's white and yellow. 

Yellow can be a hard color for some people to wear, if you think you fall into that category try wearing a just a little bit of the color (like looks 1 & 2) or wearing the yellow away from your face (like look 3). 

I then think about other neutral colors that work with the main colors of the trend, so in this case navy blue, light blue and grey are all great options.

I'm sure you have heard this before - try to save money on 'trend' items and spend money on basics that you will wear for years. Just a friendly reminder. The most expensive daisy print item above is the sweater in look 1, it's $58, you get the picture.

Lucy x

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