Frugal Friday!

Looking cute does not (nor should not) cost the world. Whilst it would be amazing to have an unlimited supply of money to spend on things that look pretty that's not most peoples reality (and definitely isn't mine!). Below I've styled two looks both would be great for a summer wedding, a day at the races, or lunch with your girlfriends. These looks are really similar (or at least I think they are!). 

The only difference? One cost 10 times more than the other!

Look 1 $2821.37 Dress / Handbag / Shoes / Bracelet / Sunglasses

Look 2 $248 Dress / Handbag / Shoes / Bracelet / Sunglasses 

I think I'd like to make Frugal Fridays a regular on the blog! 

Lucy x

1 comment:

  1. I have to say that I prefer the glasses and the dress from the cheaper version! That is so cool!