Weekend Update + MIA

So I've been missing from the blog for the last couple of weeks, I've been feeling really under the weather and exhausted so not particularly inspired to document things and share things with the little energy I've been able to muster. I've been taking it easy in all aspects of life (expect work..) for the last couple of weeks and I am happy to say I am feeling rejuvenated and looking forward to sharing some more posts!

The weekend consisted of a lot of nice home time, some online shopping and time with extended family. On Saturday evening I painted my nails blue for the first time ever, I think this colour is really sweet but blue nails.. it's growing on me.

Jon made some delicious home made sweet tea with limes and oranges and spiked it with some whiskey seriously delicious-

And then I jumped on the Orange is The New Black band wagon and watched most of the first season, it's kind of losing me... 

On Sunday Jon and I got super organised and prepared 8 slow cooker meals in about 1 hour. Over the next 1-2 weeks will be trying out all the recipes, found here, thanks to Six Sisters. We had the BBQ Spare Ribs last night and are having Chicken Broccoli Alfredo tonight, so far so good. Shopping for everything cost about $120 AUD. Which is a bit less then we would normally have spent. I don't know that I would want to slow cook every night of the week, although it is awesome in Winter. But I do really love the idea of having a heap of easy meals ready to go in busy periods of life. Also having all of the these slow cooker meals ready to go will help us to save money as we booked some tickets to visit New Zealand next month!!! We got an awesome deal on flights, about $200 return per person.

There are some amazing sales going on right now- Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Tory Burch, JCrew to mention a few. I've been keenly keeping my eye on a few things waiting for them to go on sale. I really try not to buy things that aren't on sale. I loved these Tory Burch shoes

And was at the checkout trying to buy them Friday evening but the website was having problems, so alas, it wasn't meant to be! They are on sale at the moment and there is an extra 20% of all sale items with code TAKE20, such a good deal! My Nan actually talked me into the white and gold, classy Nan.

Despite not getting my hands on the Tory Burch shoes I did get some great items at the JCrew sale. I got a couple of tops and a pencil skirt.  I ordered this gold and white palm teeI'm really loving the colour of the pencil skirt, soft guava, so lovely... and this jeweled painter tee, which I think will be comfortable yet dressy enough for work under a blazer also the half sleeve will be great for the office. I used the code NICESALE which took 30% off!

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