Travel Tuesday - A Puerto Rican Cooking Class

Whilst in Puerto Rico on our honeymoon last month one of the best things that we experienced was a Puerto Rican Cooking Class with Flavors of San Juan. Both Jon and I love to cook so this was perfect for us. We did this on our second last day and it was the most immersed that we felt culturally. We were the only two in the class that day and our Chef was a lovely lady named Kathy. It was great to talk to a local about Puerto Rican culture and food.

We made Sorullitos de Maiz (Puerto Rican hush puppies) with a mayo/ketchup sauce, sofrito (the heart of all Puerto Rican cooking), Chicken in Criollo Sauce and Tostones and my favourite Guava Mojitos.

Puerto Rican Hush Puppies! So delish! We made some with cheese on the inside

 Sofrito in progress

 Chicken in Criollo Sauce with Tostones = The Best Meal in Puerto Rico

 Ingredients for our Guava Mojito's

 Guava Mojito in progress!

 The final (gorgeous) result! A Guava Mojito

Enjoying a Guava Mojito!

Travel Tuesday


  1. Food is definitely one of the best ways to learn more about a culture. I would love to do a cooking class abroad though I hate meat. Have to find a non-meat-eating culture I think :D

  2. I think taking a cooking class while traveling is such a fun way to experience the culture. And anything that involved mojitos sounds like a great time!

  3. YUMMM. The chicken looks so good! I did my first cooking class ever in Sweden. It was fun. We made meatballs and got shots of vodka ;)

  4. Those mojitos look delicious! I've always wanted to try a local cooking class together, I can only imagine how fun it must be to try it in another country. Stopping by from the link up :)

  5. Ah man I love to discover new food - I'm not that great at tasting it, but I do love to discover it. It sometimes shows so much of a culture, the kind of ingredients/spices/fruits/etc. can tell so much! And this is definitely intriguing!

  6. so much love Guava Mojito...

  7. We plan to celebrate our 10 year reunion in Puerto Rico so we can finally go back to where we were married. I want to do something like this! I miss the delicious food... yum Sorullitos de Maiz!