Travel Tuesday - Singapore

I am so excited to be linking up for Travel Tuesdays! I absolutely love travelling, I definitely have the bug. This week I wanted to share a trip Jon and I took to Singapore about 2 years ago. We wanted to find a place that would be 'easy' to meet up with Jon's brother who is currently living in Chengdu China. We had previously met up in Hong Kong which was great so Singapore was our next spot.

We liked the idea of Singapore as it was around half way between Australia and China, there was a new budget airline, Scoot, flying there, its extremely safe and culturally diverse. 

My three favourite things we did there (and trust me its hard to get it down to three!)-

1. Sentosa Island for a super fancy dinner, you can catch a taxi from Singapore over to Sentosa Island, from memory about $30. We sat in the rainforest, the odd peacock would walk past and we could see Indonesia in the distance, all while we ate one of the best meals ever!
2. Singapore Zoo Night Safari, I'm really not a zoo person but this was absolutely amazing. They have hidden fences (if any). So don't be afraid, that lion only looks like there nothing between you and him!
3. Marina Bay Sands rooftop for some pictures. I'd recommend staying at night at the Marina Bay Sands if you can. If you stay at the hotel you can use the rooftop pools which are stunning.

A Street in Singapore

Some oysters on Sentosa Island

The Botanic Gardens 

Travel Tuesday


  1. Welcome to #TravelTuesday and hope to see you again next week! I haven't been to Asia at all yet but a friend of mine was in Singapur too and she said that the Marina Bay Sands Rooftop truly is amazing and from what I've seen on pictures, I certainly want to visit this place too!

  2. So happy to have discovered you through the link up, definitely loving your blog! :) A friend of mine moved to Singapore last year and I've been kind of obsessed with the place after seeing all her pictures! I heard so many amazing things about the rooftop parties and all. And that night safari sounds thrilling! I would definitely sign up :) Thanks for sharing!