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Lately I've been getting a bit stuck on things in my life that I'm in no position to change. At one time or another I think this is something that everyone experiences. For me I have a 'to-do' list that is about a mile long. I'm also feeling frustrated that I haven't been able to make any of those things a priority, I feel like we are constantly reacting to new demands and not making any ground.

My thoughts over the last couple of weeks, and my thoughts that I would like to share with you this Thursday are centred around Living Better. I've been making some small but positive changes that are making me enjoy everyday life a little bit more!

Although my initial attempt in the category didn't go well... a tray of black cookies..
I've been sticking with it. Jon and I both love to cook so we've been making an effort to cook nice and healthy meals for each other. I made this last night and it was soo good and also really really easy! Who knew fennel was delicious! It seriously tasted like something my Nan would have cooked, that’s the mark of a good meal!

Saving & Investing
Nearly every morning Jon and I get coffees at cafes near where we each work. This cost us about $10 per day, $50 per week, $200 per month and eek! $2400 per year. It's a real waste of money. Instead, we've been making coffee at home in the morning and taking it with us. It makes me feel really good to be a bit more frugal. We also did a little (massive) shop at Costco last weekend, so we are all stocked up on great (and cheap!) everyday items. We normally spend about 40% less at Costco then what we would have spent on equivalent items at other Australian supermarkets.

So I was inspired when reading a blog a few weeks ago (I haven't been able to remember which one..) by the idea of Monday night Margaritas in the Summer time. I love this, why not celebrate a Monday, it’s one of the worst days of the week (so far from the weekend), why not give it a little love! So we’ve gone with a variation on that – ‘Mixed Drink Mondays’, we made Guava Mojitos last night from our cooking lesson in Puerto Rico. So now we celebrate Mondays with something fun! Talk about turning that frown upside down!

I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately. I’ve always loved yoga so I’ve been doing about 20-30mins before bed each night. It’s not a huge time commitment but has been really helping me to relax and work out some of the kinks of the day. I love how I feel after yoga, its so relaxing and I am happy to report it’s been helping me get to sleep.


Over the last couple of years I have really lost my way with music. I think that music can completely overhaul your mood! A great happy song on the radio can change the way you feel in the morning. To that end I’ve been trying to pay more attention to downloading new music that makes me happy! Any suggestions?

Thoughts for Thursday

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