Desk/Study area inspiration

I'll be going back to University in a couple of months for my masters and this time around it would be really nice to have a tranquil space to study in. I spent most of my undergrad either at the library, or sitting on my bed on a laptop, not ideal. I am always drawn to white and black. I like really industrial lights, white walls and light wood floors. There's just an airy open feeling about that combination that I love. There is a space by our kitchen that I have my eye on. A big window, really nice light year round and kind of a blank canvas at this stage. I'll definitely post photos when I get it together. But this will be the starting point for my inspiration.

Desk Inspiration

Desk Inspiration by luce-brady featuring Serena & Lily

It's a super fast post today! I'm hoping to be able to achieve something with this general feeling. I'll probably need to tone the pink down for Jon's sake. I have a little bit more space but am absolutely loving this Office Nook by Mary Ann from The Dapper Bun.

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  1. I love your inspiration! I spent my undergrad also working off of my bed or in the school's library and it is not inspiring at all! When I moved on to grad school I focused on creating a good desk space that would be conducive for work. It made a difference! :)