2014 Travel Update - Part 1

We are about half way through our travels and everything has been amazing thus far. It's so awesome to be relaxing with family and friends and to have some time off work! I'm currently sitting here, in Puerto Rico, struggling through this view

With this drink, Don Q Limon, Cranberry and Lime

And missing my sweet girl, Dixie, even though I know she is enjoying her stay at 'Just Like Home Pet Resort'

We got married last weekend which was so wonderful! There wasn't one single thing that I would change! More on that soon, including details and a full breakdown of the budget.. gulp! Here's one little snap from our big day, we thought it was going to rain... guess not :)


  1. Congrats on getting married! So jealous you're in PR on your honeymoon! I don't even need to say have a blast can clearly from pictures you are!

    1. Hi Ally! Thank you so much, we couldn't be happier. PR is amazing, having so much fun, we had a cooking class today so I am feeling thoroughly immersed! I've been really enjoying your blog, I think it's so cool your pup is Pixie and ours is Dixie, kinda lame I know! Lucy xxx