I generally dread shopping for swimwear. It falls into roughly the same category as trying to shop for the perfect jeans. The cuts seem tremendously unflattering, the fitting room lighting is enough to induce tears and there's that shop assistant who might just be the perfect female specimen that you need to ask to get you the next size up. Whilst these are undoubtedly first world problems it still kind of sucks. With my impending honeymoon to Puerto Rico fast approaching this past weekend I mustered up enough courage to go try on some of this potentially soul destroying Lycra.

It went amazingly well. I went to a shop that I hadn't been to before called Bikini Island. I kind of love the Bikini Island back story, the first shop opened in the 60s on Sydney's famous Bondi Beach at the time it was called Ellies Bikini Bar and all of the swimwear was custom made in the store. There are now 8 stores and the option of shopping online.

It would be easy to think that swimwear only caters to one situation, swimming, but that's just not true. At Bikini Island I noticed that women were shopping there for all different reasons, one lady was looking for the perfect one piece to take her toddler to learn to swim lessons in, another lady was getting two new bikini tops to match with the black bottoms she had bought last sesson (a great idea!) and some of us (at least one that I know of) where there looking for some honeymoon worthy swimwear. I knew I wanted something bright and cheery that I'd feel comfortable wearing paddle boarding, snorkelling, or swimming in the surf. I tried on three pairs of swimmers and bought two of them. 

Harlequin Baku Swimmers. I bought lime bottoms to wear with this top. This also comes in black and white which I loved too!

I couldn't find these on the website, but I believe these are similar.

Incredibly the lighting in the change rooms was amazing and the lady at the shop couldn't have been nicer. I got to the check out and because I'd bought three items I could pick a towel, beach bag or another peice of swimwear. I got a really nice thick black and white stripped beach towel. Given more time and more money I think I could have found even more that I loved! Who knew that shopping for swimwear could be so.. fun?! If you have a Bikini Island near you definitely check it out! Puerto Rico here I come!

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