Sephora Australia! Coming in 2015!

Sephora is set to hit our shores in early 2015! The first store is planned for Sydney and I really have to say that I hope this happens. Melbourne, you got H&M first, let us have this one, ok? If not it will just be more of a reason to plan a shopping trip down to my favourite Australia city, I <3 Melbourne! Both David Jones and Myer have unsuccessfully attempted to broker deals with Sephora to include Sephora counters within their beauty departments. After Sephora's high level of success within Asia the beauty behemoth has decided to go it alone in the Australian market. Three cheers for increased competition! Here in Australia we get kind of fleeced compared to some parts of the world, this is in large part due to such and incredible lack of competition. Here's some quick cost comparisons-

  • MAC Lipsticks cost around $16 USD at a MAC counter in the US vs. $36 AUD (after dollar conversion $33.75) at a MAC counter in Australia, that's more than double the price! 
  • NARS blushes cost around $30 USD vs $45 AUD (after dollar conversion $42.21), that's nearly 30% more
  • ESSIE nail polishes cost $8.50 USD vs $16.95 AUD (after dollar conversion $15.89) again nearly double
  • MAYBELLINE mascara costs $5.99 USD vs $17.75 AUS (after dollar conversion $16.64) that's nearly triple the price

Sephora is coming!

I've compared US prices to Australian as that's the two I know the best, I'm not sure how the stacks up against other prices around the world. To be perfectly honest I've started avoiding spending money on beauty products here in Australia, instead I wait until I'm overseas and do my shopping then. It does require a little bit more planning, but instead of being able to buy two new lipsticks I can buy four for the same price. Anyway that's enough ranting. I should also make clear that the above mentioned companies aren't the only ones doing this, nearly all cosmetics companies (that I know of!) do. And really why shouldn't they? It sucks for us consumers but if we're willing to pay, why not?

Back to the good news! Sephora plans to open 25 stores across Australia starting early next year. Fingers crossed they bring their amazing rewards program, samples with each purchase and glorious Christmas gift packs with them!

All dollar conversions are based on todays exchange rate :)


  1. lovely blog :)

  2. Yay, I'm so excited about this! ps. I think they're coming to Sydney first so you win :)