Easy Easter Bunny Bunting

I love crafting for different holidays. I like the idea that a shop doesn't tell me what Easter or Christmas or anything 'should' look like. I get to pick the aesthetic if I make it myself! Last year I made an Easter Wreath and this year I was inspired to make some Easter Bunny Bunting. I managed to find some inspiration on Pinterest. If you don't already use Pinterest - get onto it! I love it and so does my Nan. It can be a time waster but it's so so good for inspiration on nearly whatever topic you can think of! Ok enough Pinterest love back to the crafting!

These are the materials I used-

  • 5 pieces of white felt
  • 3 metres of ric rac braid (9 feet 10 inches)
  • 2 metres of calico (6 feet 7 inches)
  • 1 bag of pom poms (I bought two as I wasn't sure how many bunnies!)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Card board (not shown)


1. First I created my Bunny template. I looked online but couldn't find a template I was happy with so I created my own and I promise it was not that hard. I got a small bowl and a small cup and traced these for the body and head respectively. I then drew the ears in by hand. I used sharp scissors to cut the template out. This is probably the hardest step.

2. Next I traced the template onto the white felt using a lead pencil. I then cut the bunny shapes out of the felt.

3. Next is the calico. I think you could also quite easily use burlap or another more sturdy fabric. You'll need to make a template for the actual bunting shape. I used two sheets or normal (A4) printing paper to make my template. So same width as normal printing paper but a bit longer for the 'tail' of the bunting, I stuck two pages together using normal tape. I then traced this onto my calico and cut out five of these for my five bunnies.

Close up of the calico

4. My favourite part! Get out that glue gun! Apply a bit of glue to the back of each bunny and stick it down in the middle of the calico bunting. Also stick on those pom pom bunny tails. Once the glue has had a chance to adhere (5mins) check the edges of the felt bunny, apply more glue if needed. Leave until glue is dry.

5. Next lay the ric rac braid out (on the floor if you can). Leave enough room either end to be able to tie the bunting up, I used 40cms (15-16 inches) either end. Then space the Bunny Bunting at 20cm (7-8 inches) intervals. The easiest way was to use a tape measure. Find 150cm (half way, 59 inches) and lay the middle bunny so that it's 10cm (a little less then 4 inches) either side of this. Then 20cm to it's left add another bunny and 20cm to it's right. Repeat with the remaining two bunnies. This should evenly space the bunting out another. Use a lead pencil to mark the back or the ric rac braid to indicate where each bunting flag should be glued. Once you are happy with the spacing glue the bunting to the ric rac braid. I just ran a line of glue along the back of the ric rac braid. This is the last step! Wait for the glue to dry then hang it wherever you like!

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