Easter Long Weekend

The last few days have been amazing. The weather has been impeccable in my little corner of the world. Sunny but kind of crisp, I love this time of year. Jon and I have been so in need of a break. Work this year has been hectic, we haven't had much of a break since August of last year. So the last few days have been greatly appreciated!

We started it off on Friday with a trip to the beach. This was Dixie's first time at the beach and she loved it! Because we hadn't taken her to a dog beach before I was a little cautious on what we would find. I get nervous about bigger dogs, particularly off lead. Anyway the only slightly scary moment was when a large black dog started running straight at us, but it turned out to be a big old lab so no need to worry! She had such a good time in the waves (except one which was a bit big!). 


We'll definitely be doing this again, it was so relaxing. And my crazy puppy was gentle and sleepy for the rest of the day, win!

We spent Saturday getting organised to host family for Easter brunch and doing a couple of last minute errands in preparation for our trip. I had a little moment to do some extremely late easter craft! I made some Bunny Bunting, I'm really happy with how it turned out. 

Super simple Bunny Bunting!

I made this last year Easter Wreath, was great to get it out again!

Sunday we had my family over. I was really nice. Brunch was great we made (by we I mean Jon) mini smoked salmon frittatas with chive creme fraiche, baked egg boats, french toast (from the cut outs from the baked egg boats) and bacon, Nan bought mini ham, cheese and tomato croissants and a fruit platter (pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, rock melon, raspberry, kiwi fruit!), my Aunty bought some beetroot dip, dukkah and balsamic glaze (you put it altogether on toast and it's yum!), we had pancake mix ready to go but turns out we had heaps more food then we needed. After everyone left we had a nap! Then a nice easy tea.

This is the kind of great focus I get if I use the display screen on my DSLR! Whoops! Please excuse the washing up in the background!

Monday I played with my camera, I think I'm going okay. A friend at work, who has a wedding photography business on the side, gave me a few tips on what all the buttons mean and some theory about photo composition. I think I'll get the hang of it.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter Long Weekend End!

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