2014 Travel!

We're gearing up to go overseas again! We travel o/s about once a year, but this time we've gone about 18 months since our last trip. I'm incredibly excited for this one as we're taking the whole family (grandparents, cousin, aunty, sister!). Can't wait to share some of our favourite things to do in these lovely cities with them (Cook Out in Wilmington! I think there are like 30 flavours of Shakes). I'll be getting snap happy with my Nikon.. Just have to learn how to use it. This time we'll be hitting the following destinations-
  • Washington DC - I always find DC so interesting, I always learn something new. Plus I love the restaurants and boutiques in Georgetown.
  • Pennsylvania - my home away from home, I love the people and the Pizza (I'm looking at you OIP)
  • Cleveland OH - We're headed to a wedding! Party time with my fiance's family, it's going to be awesome to catch up with everyone :)
  • Wilmington NC - so quaint (also dawsons creek.. yep I'm a product of the 90s), also above mentioned Cook Out location, outlets close by and the beach!
  • Asheville NC - Beer Town, plus daily farmers markets, plus a log cabin!
  • Peurto Rico! - A completely new experience for us, we've got cooking classes and snorkeling booked, can't wait! I've been working on my Spanish (it's still tragic)!
Kind of a mixed bag but we'll mainly be staying away from the normal Aussie Tourist spots (with the exception of DC), no LA, no San Francisco, no NYC. We're nearly doing a little tour of some medium sized cities that are absolute gems! Stay tuned for photos and stories of our adventures! Also let me know any recommendations if you are from or have been to any of these place!

My fiance took me to 'the wall' off Dawson's Creek soon after we first met, I acted cool but I was pretty excited to be there!

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