Wedding Paper Divas & Minted Sample Wedding Invitations

Planning a wedding can be tough! I'm in the middle of it all right now. I'm planning a destination wedding in my fiance's home country, the US. Over the past few months I've been on the hunt for amazing budget friendly (our budget is about $400 AUD, or $360 USD) invitation options. Here are all the options we considered in the order we considered them, hopefully this will show the evolution of our invitation hunt!

  • After attending One Fine Day in Sydney last year I saw these beautiful invitations created by The Distillery in Sydney, if I wasn't on a budget I would have gone with this company in a heartbeat. The package I would have been interested in was about $1000 so just a little over budget.
  • My partner then fell in love with these lovely wooden wedding invitations on Etsy, but due to the problem of importing wood into Australia (I don't think customs would have been too happy!) we decided against it. I think these are so gorgeous though and if you aren't planning a destination wedding or inviting anyone outside of your country you could definitely go with these. Rustic eco-friendly unique elegance at it's best!
  • We also looked at other Etsy custom wedding invitation options but I think I became overwhelmed by all of the options.
  • I then stumbled across Wedding Paper Divas and Minted, I knew right away that one of these companies is where we'd be getting our invitations. Both map out the process really well, time frames are transparent, there are lots of gorgeous designs and customisation is available.

After narrowing it down to Wedding Paper Divas or Minted I ordered some samples from each. I ordered 10 from Wedding Paper Divas, they had a promo code where you could order 10 for free and free shipping. I also ordered 6 from Minted, these cost $1 each and free shipping, also the $6 that I spent on the samples can be discounted from your real order (if you decide to go with them).

Wedding Paper Divas-


This is my experience with each company-

I've picked my three favourite from the six samples I ordered. I think Minted had a lot of really great designs. Very classic, romantic and traditional. I like the packages for their designs also.

1. I am addicted to wreaths so I love this invitation, incredibly beautiful
2. This invitation is perfection, I love the incorporation of the bride and grooms first initials, I also love the design of the date and time
3. Love the invitation, stunning in navy and white. I thought the RSVP seemed a little disjointed

I found the service and support at Minted to be very good. There are clear step by step instructions and a some helpful tools, such as the address template that can be downloaded, filled with the addresses of your attendees and upload onto the site to be printed on your invitation envelopes.
This was the downside to Minted, they took over a week longer to get to Australia then Wedding Paper Divas, although there was a pretty horrible snow storm (the one that completely shut down Atlanta?!?), so maybe that had something to do with it... When everything arrived it was together and nicely packaged.
Really great value, with Minted, I'd be well under my $400 budget for invitations, rsvps and thank you cards.

Wedding Paper Divas
Wedding Paper Divas has a good selection and more quirky designs than Minted. These three are my favourites from the samples I ordered (my sister wants number 5 for her wedding, better let her boyfriend know!)-

4. My favourite from Wedding Paper Divas, navy and pink, gorgeous! Love the font used in this design
5. My sister wants this invite for her wedding, the heart carved in the tree is so sweet!
6. Love the invitations but the accompanying RSVP didn't seem to match well


I found Wedding Paper Divas to be very easy to coordinate with. I thought the 10 samples plus free shipping was a great offer. Definitely worth signing up to receive special promos.

I received some samples about two weeks after ordering, then the next day received the last sample. Having the two deliveries was super inconvenient because I had to sign for each delivery and I work full time. It meant that I had to leave work early twice just to receive the samples that I ordered.

I think Wedding Paper Divas is good value. You would be able to get wedding stationary for a reasonable price.

I've picked one of these invites and am absolutely in love! So exciting! Wedding planning is hard but oh so worth it!

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