Happy Friday!

It feels like it has been raining.. forever? Maybe two weeks? I'm not sure anymore. This post it to try to celebrate the perks of rainy days and spread some Saturday Eve (aka Friday) Love.

Firstly, today was casual Friday at work, I always love it because everyone seems so much more relaxed/happy. I feel like the day flys by and I get so much done! I wore my J Crew Andie Chinos, little leopard Gap ballet flats, a grey Bonds tee, a seriously soft black and white gingham scarf and this necklace which I purchased recently at Collette. I can't say too much about the quality as this was the first time I've worn it and I haven't bought anything at Collette before. I do really like it and I got heaps of compliments from colleagues. The best part? It was only about $8! Collette are having a 50% off sale on jewelry that ends Sunday, you really should check it out!

My super sweet puppy, Dixie, loves the rainy weather (particularly getting muddy in the backyard). The mornings before work have been so dark she is not interested in getting out of her bed. She would snuggle in all day if she could. If you're thinking about getting a dog, seriously consider a Brittany, she's the sweetest thing, full of personality. Not super easy to find in Australia but there are a couple of good breeders out there. Brittany's are an active breed not that you would know by this ones attitude to dark rainy mornings.

I saw this on Etsy here, do you think Dixie would pass as an Easter Bunny in this outfit? I kind of like dressing her up! And this could not be more adorable! Greyhounds are so sweet!

Lastly, I had the perfect rainy day lunch with my fiance earlier in the week. Porcini Mushroom Gnocchi at Charlie Lovetts. Seriously enjoying this (I believe) new-ish chain. Good food, good coffee, good atmosphere :)

Enjoy the weekend! Happy Friday xxx

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