Smile Bar Sydney Area Update :(

About a month ago I did a post, here, about how pumped I was to have an amazing teeth whitening experience. Let's just say it wasn't all it was made out to be (thanks Living Social!)! I went to the location where I was to have the teeth whitening done, Warringah Mall's Smile Bar. It was not ideal, the teeth whitening 'bar' is a cubicle shaped pod with egg chairs (circa 1995) outside of Coles, how ridiculous! I should have prefaced this post by saying I am not usually so negative and that this is my personal opinion. 

After getting to Warringah Mall I located the Smile Bar, upon seeing the cubicle like set up outside of a supermarket on the lower floor, I thought 'Maybe this is not a good idea?!' But I had paid nearly $100, so I thought I'll give it a chance. The treatment itself was odd, I'd seriously question if the ladies working at the Smile Bar possessed any type of dental qualifications. They didn't ask me any questions and basically sat me in the egg chair with a mouth guard full of the whitening solution and a blue light straight away. After 15 minutes I was told to rinse my mouth with water any then sit with another mouth guard full of whitening solution and a blue light for 15 more minutes. After half an hour I was done. It was really uncomforatble. I was excited to see some slightly whiter teeth (I understand lovely gleaming pearly whites don't happen over night) instead I had extremely patchy teeth, horribly whitened in some areas and nothing changed in other areas. I felt so self conscious for the rest of the day. I immediately expressed my dissatisfaction to the lady working at Smile Bar, she assured me it was normal... and then tried to sell me $80 worth of toothpaste and teeth whitening solution, I have to say, I felt manipulated. The patchy look did fade away but I don't think my teeth ended up looking any whiter. I purchased three sessions, but I won't be going back for sessions 2 and 3.


  1. Hi Lucy, sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I got my teeth whitened last week in a similar place in Sydney, for the first time. I went for a 1 hour treatment and I'm pretty satisfied with the results. I mean I don't really notice anything major but my husband says he can tell the difference which makes me feel more confident. Like you I had bright white stains all over my front teeth during the treatment and it freaked me out, but it faded away. I read about it (while I was doing the treatment as I was panicking about it) and apparently it is quite common and normal.

    1. Hi Cyndie, glad this worked out well for you! I just found the whole experience really odd :)