This week I've been trying to remember to take photos of my meals. I think having a visual representation of the things you eat helps you be more conscious of your food choices. Looking back on the week, I've done pretty well. Not perfection, but I'll take it!


1. Dinner on Monday night, Sushi Train, so yum. I love sushi and green tea!
2. Desert Monday night, peanut butter frozen yoghurt from Yoghurtland
3. Lunch on Wednesday, Mushroom Filo, basically a little parcel of mushrooms, pinenuts and ricotta cheese wrapped in filo pastry, delish
4. Dinner on Thursday, Thai Calamari and Mango Salad, probably my favourite meal of the week, so summery :)
I've also been really into the Cocobella Coconut Water lately. I love the 'straight up' flavour that they have, which is just plain coconut water. I also recently tried the 'pink guava' flavour and its really good too!
  Hope everyone ate well this week! Bon appetit!

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