Smoque BBQ Canberra

If you are from Canberra you might have heard of Smoque BBQ Restaurant, recently awarded People's Choice as Canberra's favourite restaurant for 2013. If you are not from Canberra, you need to go there now. Just for the BBQ.

Whilst visiting Canberra recently my fiance, who is American, suggested we go to Smoque. I was a little skeptical as American Style BBQ is generally better in America (makes sense). When hunting down American BBQ in Australia we are normally left disappointed with something that doesn't really deliver. Smoque BBQ Restaurant exceeded our expectations completely. The food was delicious and a true representation of Southern BBQ. The prices are good. I had read some reviews saying the service was not good but I just found it kind of informal, my fiance ordered at the bar as the wait staff were taking a bit long for our liking and our food arrived at our table within about 15 minutes, really can't complain about that! We ordered the Smoque Ultimate Combo Platter which serves 1-6 people, there were three of us and we didn't even get close to finishing it.

I can honestly say I had the best Buffalo Wings of my life- not too spicy and super crispy.



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