How to Achieve a Polished and Professional Look in 30 Minutes

For me mornings are generally about taking the path of least resistence, I will do anything for five more minutes sleep, and I don't wake up feeling like a ball of sunshine. As I work in a corporate environment bed hair, track pants, and ugg boots are (to my complete dismay) not acceptable attire. I've recently been thinking about the time budget I'm working with on a week to week basis, after accounting for time spent working, sleeping, cooking/eating, and working out there isn't much time left over. So for all of my time poor peers this post is for you!

To walk out the door each morning looking polished and professional you will need to invest some time organizing! Here are some of my organization/time saving tips-

  • Do all of you washing for the work week on a Sunday, wake up Sunday morning and just put everything in the washing machine. Make yourself a lazy Sunday breakfast and put the washing in the dryer.
  • Hang as much of your work clothes up as possible, if the clothes end up in a draw (or in a pile) they will be harder to find. Try to hang the clothes in groups, ie all the pants together, all the skirts together, all the shirts together etc.
  • If you are feeling ambitious iron your clothes on Sunday. Just FYI there is a best practice procedure for ironing a shirt, here is the order, collar, top panel on the back of the shirt (between the shoulders), sleeves, back of shirt, front panels of shirt. I do this everytime and I'm not stuck trying to remember if I already did this sleeve...
  • On week days make your breakfast simple, I normally have a V8 Vegetable Juice and a Granola Bar, hello breakfast in the car!
Achieving a Polished Professional Look in 30 Minutes, means making the most of your time in the morning and multi-tasking. I'll be assuming that you have done the Sunday organization tips and all of your clothes are hanging nicely ironed in your cupboard, allow an extra 10 minutes if you didn't do this. Okay let go!

  • 1 minute, wake up and put on a pair of pearl stud earrings, pearls are timeless and in my opinion go with everything but any other conservative studs will do. Here are some lovely pearl studs from Tiffany & Co. I leave my earrings on my bed side table so these babies are literally in my ears before my feet touch the ground.
  • 5 minutes, brush your teeth and have a super quick shower - at the same time. I have a longer shower of an evening but I feel like a morning shower just wakes me up! Be careful not to get your hair wet and try to cleanse your face.
  • 3 minutes, dry off and moiturize (or prime) your face and put on some deoderant!
  • 5 minutes, lose the bed hair, if you have a good hair straightener it's possible to straighten you hair in five minutes, if you would like to wear your hair another way, straighten it the night before (again a good straightener will mean with a quick brush in the morning your locks are still nice and straight) and use this five minutes to style your hair, I like adding loose waves using a clipless curling iron or putting my hair in a polished (but quick) bun.
  • 6 minutes, your moisturizer or primer has had 5 minutes to soak in, it's time for makeup, place your makeup in a really accessible location, I have a small makeup bag with only what I use in the morning sitting on my bathroom counter. Smooth your favourite foundation into your skin using your fingers, your hands should be nice and clean after the shower and the warmth of your fingers is really good blending the foundation in seamlessly with your skin. Next its time for powders- blush, bronzer/highlight, and a neutral eyeshadow, if you are using the right brushes for each of these they should be really simple and quick to apply. Next is eyeliner, mascara and lipstick- in that order. Eyeliner is not the simplest thing to master, it's also not essential, I tend to feel that you look fresher and more youthful without it. If you are keen to use eyeliner, practice makes perfect and some eyeliners are easier to use then others, this is my go to, L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Liquid Eyeliner, I feel like it gives me really good control, the only downside is that it can be difficult to get a really fine line if you are going for a winged look. You can also just use a darker eyeshadow to line your eyes. Mascara is next use whatever one you like, and lipstick, staying with a neutral pink/peach is a good idea for most office environments.
  • 8 minutes, get dressed if you pre-ironed pre-planned outfit. I normally think about what I'll wear the night before, as everything is ironed and ready to go all you need to do is get it out of your closet and put it on!
  • 2 minutes, find your keys, get your breakfast from the fridge, spritz on your signature perfume and walk out the door looking Polished and Professional in 30 minutes!

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