Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Amazing and innovative, Australia has been needing something along these lines for a long while. I was so impressed with this product! I wore the gold glitter for 14 days straight and no chipping occurred, none! Nada! I went and bought the herringbone designs last week, I am desperate to get my hands on the leopard print. I can't help myself when it comes to leopard these days.

Alright so pro's are-
  • Super long wearing 
  • No chips 
  • Easy to apply 
  • Decent price (Priceline for about $12= Cheaper than a manicure)
  • Some of the colours and patterns are a little bit tasteless, one that springs to mind is "Booty Camp" a Pink Army Print disaster
  • My nails are longer and due to my nail bending the polish would split. If your nails are longer stick with the glitter nails as its harder to notice to splits.
  • The range is fairly limited, there are 16 style, half a dozen of these styles are not that wearable
  • I was really hoping to see a extremely metallic silver/gold in the collection. Think Minx nails.
Overall its a winner. This product is definitely worthy of winning a Shop 2011 Genius Award. I'd definitely recommend trying it out, its completely fool proof, fun and cheap. Hopefully Sally Hansen could extend this line out to include some Minx inspired nails and also some French Tip nails. If you've tried it let me know which type and what you think of it by adding a comment below!

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