OPI Russian Navy Matte

No Base Coat? No Top Coat? No Hand Lotion? These are just some of the rules when applying and wearing OPI's Russian Navy Matte. I think the idea of Matte Nail Polish is amazing. Its understated, innovative and edgy. Unfortunately, the 'idea' is better then the actual product.

There are a few down sides. When I was wearing Russian Navy (for all of about one day as it chipped off so quickly) it took me back to high school, when emo kids would colour their nails in with black permanent marker. It also comes in Alpine Snow (white) for that ever classy 'I was bored to death in class so I put whiteout all over my nails' look. I truly love OPI so this matte range is such a disappointment. If I purchase another shade in this collection it will be You Don't Know Jacques! a lovely neutral that shouldn't whisk me back to high school with any strange similarities.

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