Maybelline New York Falsies

So today I gave into temptation, and bought myself Maybelline New Yorks latest offering in mascara the Falsies. I love the packaging, purple with metallic blue writing, perfect for any girly girl! I'm not totally in love with the applicator, its really short and massive which can make it difficult to get to all of your lashes. Also the neck of the applicator is thinned out in a section to make it extra bendy, see picture below. Although it claims not to be this mascara is really clumpy, which I happen to like.
The big question! Does it actually look like I'm wearing false eyelashes when I'm wearing this mascara?
The answer... Not quiet. My eyelashes do look huge, really long, really plump, but not to the point of falsies. Overall I really like this and would recommend it to people looking for a more dramatic mascara.

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