L'oreal Paris Infallible Lip Duo Compact- Invincible Red

This truly amazing product was mentioned in my YouTube November Favourites video and I really just wanted to share some more information, photos and swatches of it. Here in Australia I think this retails for about $35ish. I bought the Infallible Lip Duo Compact a couple of weeks ago mainly because I liked the colour, and I like the thought of 'infallible' red lipstick. Red can be such a hard colour to wear, when it fades it can look completely tragic! I have MAC's Red Russian, and whilst I love the colour, I don't always love that its matte. 
I wore this lipstick out to dinner with my sister about a week ago. The first amazing quality- there was no lipstick on my glass! The second- when I was finished dinner, I went into the bathroom thinking that I would have to reapply my lipstick and I didn't! It lasted the whole meal without fading or wearing off. I'm really looking forward to trying some more colours in the range to see if they are as infallible! Also the swatch on my hand below lasted until I got out an oil based makeup remover and went to town!
The coloured lipstick is applied first and feels really dry, then the clear conditioning treatment is applied second and makes your lips feel lovely. I really thought that when I applied to conditioning treatment to my lips that it would mixing in with the red but it doesn't, it just sits on top and adds nice shine to the lips.

Do you love or hate red lips?

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