The Body Shop Holiday Eye Palette- Twilight

I love Christmas time partly because I love all of the amazing Holiday Makeup Collection releases. And when I saw this online a few weeks ago I had to have it. I really love the eco-friendly mantra of The Body Shop and generally speaking the quality of their products. In the palette there are four pearlescent eyeshadows and one shimmery cream highlighter and a duel ended sponge brush. I ordered my palette online and shipping was pretty fast. 

Starting from the top left-
  • Violet Sky
  • Damson Velvet
  • Lilac Mist
  • Pink Champagne
  • Shimmery White Cream Highlighter on right
 Swatches of (starting from top) Lilac Mist, Pink Champagne and the Shimmery White Cream Highlighter

Swatches of (starting from top) Violet Sky and Damson Velvet

Alright so overall I'm really happy with the products. The packaging is really nice, sleek but girly at the same time. The mirror is a good size. I really like the Shimmery White Cream Highlighter, it has a bit of an iridescence to it, and some glitter particles as well. You can get away with a little glitter over the holiday season. I like the three purpley eyeshadows, Violet Sky, Damson Velvet and Lilac Mist, they have good pigmentation, texture and colour pay off. I really do have to be honest, Pink Champagne is the worst eyeshadow I have ever seen. At first I thought that mine was just from a bad batch or something so I went into my local body shop and had a look at their stock and they were all the same as mine. Its really chalky and just downright poor quality. Such a shame, a little blemish on an overall gorgeous palette.

Whats your favourite holiday makeup product this year?

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