Colour me happy

Over the last few years my hair colour has been flying from one end of the spectrum to the other. Apart from shaving all of my hair off, I feel like I've just about tried it all. I've had long hair, shorts hair, bangs/fringe, curly hair, straight hair, streaked hair, I even went through a stage in high school where I had chunks of pink, purple, red and blue (all at seperate times!) put in my hair. And now with the lovely Australian Summer approaching I'm borderline instinctually itching to lighten my hair colour. Its currently really dark brown and last summer it was fairly light blonde. Heres a photo from last summer (please excuse the regrowth) and a more recent photo-

I'm torn, I love how healthy my hair feels being darker, but for some reason, I fell that, at any point I could call my hair salon and yell peroxide into the phone. Perhaps I should opt for a more subtle (and practical) lighter brown with a few highlights throughout? Thoughts?

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