Best Shampoo + Conditioner for Blondes

As I've already mentioned I was blonde for a few years and although I really loved it there were two downsides for me-
1. Regrowth
2. My hair naturally throws a gold pigment which doesn't compliment my skin tone
To get around this second downside I religiously used a purple shampoo and conditioner, this promotes a silvery icy tone in the hair and combats the gold. It was important for my to use a purple shampoo and conditioner because my skin tone is quite fair and I have naturally pink cheeks which looks tragic with warm toned hair colours, like red or golden blonde. My colourist urged me to find the darkest purple (think black purple) shampoo I could find to really help in maintaining a icy creamy blonde colour in my hair. The very best I found was nak Blonde Shampoo.

It was the darkest purple I could find, although Schwarzkopf apparently makes a really dark one as well, and the conditioner that couples with it was lovely and moisturizing (another important factor in maintaining blonde hair) and added a good amount of shine which can be hard to obtain. This brand is Australian made and owned and specially formulated for harsher climates.

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