A Weekend in Cincinnati!

Jon and I recently visited Cincinnati, Ohio. We left Thursday morning and returned Sunday night. About a month ago we realized there were some really cheap fares going with Frontier ($150 return each!) so we thought why not?! Its somewhere neither of us had ever been. And while Cincinnati probably isn't everyone's first thought when it comes to a weekend away we had an awesome time and I would totally go back there again.

We arrived at about 6pm on Thursday went to our hotel and then headed out to Over-The-Rhine or OTR as the locals say! We went to Tafts Ale House (a must visit) for a beer and some beer cheese (better than it sounds!). We then headed to The Anchor for dinner which was really good too! After dinner we crossed the road, headed into Washington Park and enjoyed the PNC Summer Series concert of the night which was a bluegrass band. Washington Park is amazing! Seriously one of the best parks I've ever been to! Great dog park, live music, kids play area, scheduled sports activities - kickball was happening the night we were there and an outdoor bar that operates when there's an event.

Cincinnati Music Hall

On Friday we were up early and went for a walk to Findlay Market, the area we walked through is definitely in transition but once we were at the market itself it was really nice. For lunch we stopped at Pho Lang - it was so good, really generous portions for reasonable prices. There was definitely a bit of a lunch rush. If we visit Cincy again I'd definitely head back to Pho Lang for lunch. We then caught an Uber down to Smale Park - they had amazing porch swings lined up a long the river. Perfect activity after some Pho! From Smale Park we decided to walk across the bridge to Kentucky - just so we could say we 'walked to Kentucky'. We met up with some family who also happened to be in town that weekend at a Taste of Belgium for dinner, this was also in OTR - such a cool area!

Colorful Row Home near Findlay Market

On Saturday morning we rented a car and drove out to Hyde Park (only about 10 minutes from downtown). We walked around Hyde Park square stopped in at Hyde Park Gourmet Food & Wine. I bought some tea - my now new favorite tea, Palais Des Thes Oolong, it's seriously heaven. We went to Ault Park for a little walk around, such a beautiful place. We headed over to Clifton for lunch. some obligatory Skyline Chili, definitely different and really not too bad - great if you're a cheese lover! We went back to the hotel for a little afternoon nap, and then made our way back to Clifton for dinner at Harvest Restaurant. This definitely felt like the slightly fancy but very comfortable local restaurant. The food was great, the staff were excellent and the atmosphere was just perfect. It felt like the perfect place for a date night, or birthday, or literally any excuse you can think of to go.

Ready for some Pho and Pho Lang!

For breakfast we made our way to Maplewood Kitchen and Bar. The line was long but the mimosa while you wait was definitely helpful! I had some delicious avocado benedict and the slo glow cold pressed juice. From there we returned our rental car and uber-ed to the airport. A seriously great weekend! If you get the chance to visit Cincy - do it! A great city on the rise!


Holy Guacamole!

A few weeks ago Jon and I visited the Barrio Cafe here in Phoenix. It's a local staple and if you're in town you need to make the effort to get there. We ordered some guacamole and it was unbelievably good. I have always been a purist when it comes to guac - I'm satisfied with avocado, either lime or lemon and some salt and pepper. But the guac at the Barrio Cafe may have changed my mind on this!

I've recreated the recipe here for you to enjoy! It's honestly amazing - try it!

Disclaimer - I'm not a food stylist/photographer!

In addition to the ingredients listed above you'll need some salt, pepper and garlic powder if you like that!

1. Scrape the avocado from the shell using a fork - this means you don't have to 'mash' the guacamole!
2. Squeeze 1 and 1/2 limes limes over the avocado
4. Remove the seeds from the tomato and dice. Dice the red onion (semi-finely)
5. Add some salt and pepper to taste (and garlic powder if you like that!)
6. Add the pomegranate seeds, tomato and red onion, stir gently
7. Garnish with the remain 1/2 lime and enjoy!

If you don't love red onion or are looking to kick the flavor up even more, sub or add some cilantro!


Restocking My Work Wardrobe!

So exciting news - I got a job! And it starts in three days! This has been a seriously long time coming, but I finally have all of the visa approval I need and have landed an interesting job at a really cool company! 

Problem.. I've been mainly sticking to yoga gear for the last 6 months.. 

Solution! There are some awesome sales going on right now!

So here's what I've ordered (some crazy.seriously.amazing.steals!)

Also just an FYI my new office environment is pretty casual (which I'm so looking forward to!) and I live on the sun in Scottsdale, AZ

J. Crew Minnie Pant in Stretch Twill - these are a repurchase for me, I went with the Navy color - they were an Oprah's favorite thing a few years ago - they look good on everyone! used code SUMMERSALE to get 40% off
Drapey Oxford Crepe Cap Sleeve Top - I went with the persimmon color - used code SUMMERSALE to get 40% off
Caribbean Blue Gingham Popover - I think this is going to be so easy to wear and a good fall transition piece - used code SUMMERSALE to get 40% off
Linen Scoopneck Tank - not sure if this one will make it to the office, I just loved the look of this and it was a complete steal @ $12.49! I used the code BRSALE (but I think that's over now, try code COOL instead)

Striped V-Back Tee - this also comes in black and again another seriously awesome price - $11.49! Again not sure if I'll wear this to work, this whole casual work clothes is obviously new to me! used the code BRSALE (but I think that's over now, try code COOL instead)

Soft-Wash Textured Voile Boyfriend Shirt - I think this is a great middle ground between looking professional and relaxed at the same time. I used the code BRSALE (but I think that's over now, try code COOL instead)

So that's it for my sale shopping! Just another honorable mention to some pants I got at Ann Taylor a couple of weeks ago! Modern Cotton Twill Ankle Pants, they have the most flattering seam up the back of each leg and the 'pockets' are cut on an angle and zipped, again super flattering and super comfortable, definitely check them out!

Lucy xx


Five on Friday!

ONE. Birthday Month
July is birthday month for Jon and I! I completely love that our birthdays are so close together, it feels more like a holiday than a birthday. All of the cards and presents and cake!

TWO. Hair!
I finally got myself to the hairdressers earlier this week - it's been five months - kind of ridiculous! Anyway I'm really happy with how it turned out. I went to Toni & Guy in Scottsdale, it was good but I think I'd like to try out some more salons before I become a regular somewhere... Suggestions are welcome!

THREE. Summer

So it's really hot here. Like really really hot. It's really confusing because you look out the window and it's so sunny and nice looking, then you go outside and it's like standing on the sun... This weekend it's only supposed to get to 97 degrees which I now consider to be 'cool' or 'bearable'. 

FOUR. Study
I feel like all I'm doing at the moment is study! I'm currently half way through this trimester and am taking a Project Management course and an Environmental Law course. So.much.reading! Lucky I have plenty of time on my hands!

FIVE. Little Miss BBQ
If you are a Phoenix local, or have any reason to visit then you need to check out Little Miss BBQ - it's amazing. The atmosphere is really welcoming and cool. The food is amazing and sold by the pound. Either go early - or be prepared to wait in line - and make sure to get some brisket, it's supposed to be some of the best in the country! Also the jalapeno cheese grits are delicious!

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